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I have been mixing and mastering music for about 7 years and have taken music classes to further my skill as an audio and recording engineer throughout my career.

I currently play 24 different instruments and do instrumental production work as well. Granted this takes much longer to do, but given enough time I can produce an instrumental as a commission. My specialty is acoustic and punk rock arrangements.


Hey there, and Welcome to my site! Here you'll find info about my projects, studio and ways to contact me. I am a Freelance Hobbyist Audio and Recording Engineer also known as a Mixer. Basically, I put vocals to music, clean them, tune them, edit them, manipulate them and make them sound nice for vocalists and artists who post on Youtube and the Japanese Video Sharing site, Nico Nico Douga or I have been in the business on an amateur level for the past few years and have been consistently increasing my skill to the point where I not only mix and master audio but also offer small private lessons and classes on how to do basic mixing and mastering. I currently work in my own home studio where we work with local artists as well as those on the web, making music and generally having a great time doing so!



Youtube Musicians

I currently mix for a variety of different artists and vocalists of many differrent voice types and skill levels. The song in this clip is Chiru Chiru, a cover sung by Von posted on youtube. If you want to hear more of my mix work be sure to check out my sound cloud or youtube channel under the "Mixed by Me" playlist as well as the sample tab here on my site! 


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Questions about collaborating with me? 

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